Derby #308: Orwellian


Double plus good theme.

I certainly hope the rejectionator will be lax when it comes to the inclusion of politics in this derby.

Kind of hard not to be political in this topic…

oh this is gonna be fun.

I can’t wait to see all the funny shirts

Any chance of uncorking the GITD ink for this one?

Secret messages would be really nice to hide in designs for this theme…

I agree. I can see designers doing really awesome things with it.

Here I have this fancy new kick ass tablet from woot and I have had the absolute worst “idea block” lately…

It’s all those “no text only” restrictions lately, isn’t it.

I feel personally attacked everytime they add that rule… lol.

Loooong ways to go, but what do peeps think about the wording?

I’m guessing we’ll see a number of sauron ideas… as I am working on one also…lol…

“watching you” sounds more big brother to me.

Maybe I should have hung on to the design I gave to for ComicCon last year…

J/k - it was for a good cause, and it’s fun running into folks here in Indiana wearing ComicCon gear…

Hope you get the reference.

An interesting topic. Can’t wait to see what everyone does. Can’t see how they’ll fit a cat into this theme but I’m sure it’ll happen.

Animal Farm?

I have an idea but i need opinions. :confused:

here’s my idea. just a quick edit in photoshop before i start drawing it.
I’m thinking of changing the picture to just the eagle’s sideways head but his eye is looking right at ya.

what do you think?

my second idea…

is using the peace sign as a graph
since the phrase “war is peace” is so famous

work in progess

but a graph of what?
first thought was
red - # of deaths
White - # of wounded
blue - # of missing
and the small white space which i can color maybe yellow or green… # of those left to enjoy the peace

but this seems too grim… and i fear it might anger those whose love ones went to war. :C

what do you think

that’s really funny.

Since you asked - It probably will unintentionally offend some people, but I would certainly wear a shirt like that. I am appalled at the number of lives our country has given for “peace” in Iraq and Afghanistan. good luck.

Checking in to see if the parody comes across -

yes? no? Maybe not for the younger crowd I would assume… I figured that out when I was trying to explain it to my 16yo.