Derby #309: Balance

Bets on how many yin-yang animals there will be?

I’m thinking more ninjas then yin-yang animals

Ninja yin-yang animals!

Yes! A stack of balanced ninja cats facing off against pirate penguins.

It’s a solid bet you’ll see lots of glowy goldfish and dragon yin-yangs.

Dragons? Did someone mention dragons? Not on black or green or baby blue?

I have to go on a trip so I had to get my design ready soon, and this is what I got :slight_smile: The first thing I thought of when reading the derby theme was the word “Karma” :slight_smile:

If your using black to do the shadows on the beaver then I’d suggest to lighten it a little because black will gain on press and make that even darker, potentially blotting out the face. Nice design though :slight_smile:

looks at the picture
doesn’t get it
reads the word karma
looks at the picture again

Can always count on you for funny designs! I love it.

Here’s what Im working on…

Grey kitty or Calico kitty?
Other thoughts?

GRey for me.

I had such a great idea until i read “no pop culture”… duck = wood = witch

Here’s an idea for someone with more artistic talent than I to run with:

A Suess/Goldberg inspired series of beams stacked upon fulcrums. (8-10 layers tall) An odd assortment of animals/humans/other creatures in comic contortions to keep the entire series perfectly balanced despite all odds… Picturing a cat with a ball of yarn, a mouse and some cheese, a bottle of milk leaning against a ball, etc.

However, with the imminent falling of a feather onto the uppermost beam, every creature (within line of sight anyway) is trembling and thus the beams themselves are shuddering.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: The main shadow on the beaver is a spot color, not halftoning (actually I’m not a fan of using halftones on broad plain areas of a design, unless there’s no other way). The halftoning in this design will affect the shadows on the trunks and the ground. Thanks for the love! :smiley:

And I prefer the grey version oakenspirit!:smiley:

Agreed on the gray.

I like the grey as well.

I sketched out a cute idea last night, unfortunately today I have forgotten how to draw.