Derby #31 Cyberpub: Nice and easy


A place to talk about whatever we wish in peace. Off-topic? No problem. As always, friendly derby discourse is also welcome. :slight_smile:

[i]So what that political censorship was abolished? With it adult political audiences abandoned cinemas. In their place appeared a void. That previous political audience migrated to the seats in front of their TV. Cinemas gained new young audiences who wanted films made for them. The first real success of the Polish cinema was entertainment films, which were made showily, following American patterns, with heroes shadowing the American ones, with shootings, with all that constitutes popular American cinema. Those films got assimilated into Polish cinema. They were the only successful Polish films at the time. And, they were soon followed by even more successful Polish films, which were historical films based on Polish literature.

Seven million people came to the cinema to see the first one of those films, [/i]Ogniem i mieczem [With Fire and Sword, 1999], based on Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel of 1884. No one could believe that a cinema audience of that size existed in Poland. And in reality this audience doesn’t exist. They sit in front of TV and watch what they can find there. This audience came out of their TV rooms to see a film that was made for them. After that, there was the success of Pan Tadeusz, which was seen by six million viewers. Then came Zemsta, which had two million viewers, while Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had 2.5 million. All that shows that audiences did, after all, expect a film of this kind from Polish cinema.

(Andrzej Wajda, as interviewed by Renata Murawska)


The new theme… water. I’m tempted to make a sequel to last week’s design, with the fish happily in his new home. :slight_smile:


I have a couple ideas. The fifth one is a jellyfish. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow night will be sleepless after I get home from Toronto.

PS - I want to put it out there that I’m doing a glass of water design because I’m packing up and heading out in less than an hour and won’t be done before then. At least nobody can say I stole someone else’s idea this way.

This may be a derby with lots of Spryte involvement.


I am off to the glorious state of Washington for a week. No participation or posting for me. Someone please make a shirt about level 2 on super mario brothers, create a woot-wide conspiracy for it to win, and then when I get back next friday I will buy it.


I second this.


I’m kind of disappointed by the lack of text… if I made a Rime of the Ancient Mariner shirt it would be too obscure without the famous quote. Oh well the entries will probably be fantastic for the most part.


I’m sure you could do it. As long as you include part of the quote in the shirt title people will get it. even people who have never read it know the quote.

Edit: by the way, is there a rule (spoken or unspoken) against changing your screen name? I don’t like mine and I use a different one everywhere else. I don’t want to change the account, just the name. Woot hasn’t answered my email about it yet.


Well, crap.


I think I read in one of their FAQs that it couldn’t be done… not sure if they really can or will though.


Thanks. I can see why they might not let you, I just don’t want to lose all my woots if I had to start a new one and get rid of the old one.


I just skimmed through the FAQs at woot, shirt. and sellout. (can’t get to wine from here)- don’t see it in any of those. I could’ve sworn I read it before… maybe they’ve changed their policy - or maybe I read it somewhere else - or maybe I’m just crazy and I am just imagining things. I’ll let you decide… :slight_smile:


Well, I emailed them yesterday around 5:30. They have a few hours before their self-described 24 hours to respond goes by so I can be patient. just wish I had realized the username I entered when I signed up would be the same as the screen-name.


yeah I’m staying away from the glass angle… it’s been done before and redone, and rehashed so many times that I don’t even want to look at a shirt with another “half empty/half full” design. Sorry spryte, but I’ll probably pass on voting on yours if that’s the only one you accomplish this week.

Hopefully my ideas are obscure enough to be original but not so obscure that it’s lost on the majority.


I’ve got a decent one that will be part trompe d’oeil but hopefully effective if I can kick this cold I have enough to work on Illustrator. But I forsee tons of aquarium, fish, and water droplet shirts. I specifically predict at least five of this:



well one for sure… Toby just pounded out a 3 min design in the other thread


I’ll be submitting at least two, maybe more. ^_~


yeah I’d like to submit a few… I’ll have to see how things go. All of mine are drastically different this time. I’m really liking that.


Sweet. I’m going to go get a shower (oh the irony) and think about what to design. Baha!


And the water won’t be one of them unless it looks cool. :slight_smile:

Okay, off to Toronto! Jaa, see you tomorrow night! :slight_smile:


Cya… I got three in mind right now.