Derby #31: Water

This week’s Derby Cyberpub. If this forum isn’t what you’d always hoped, try there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway.

I love my water themes. Thanks Woot!

Ohhhhhhh, this is awesome! :slight_smile:

…too bad I’m leaving for Toronto in a couple hours so I won’t be able to put an entry up until Saturday. T_T;

This could be interesting. Hrm. Could go in a lot of different directions.

This should put our creativity to the test. In my experience water is not the easiest thing to replicate with no half tones. I can’t wait to see what this produces. :slight_smile:

O M G!! Water… this will be fun! I have ideas already And no text!! grins from ear to ear

I really look forward to it, kls!

Yay! Maybe I’ll do a sequel to my goldfish entry, with the fish safely home…

Joel, today’s shirt.woot used glow ink - can we use it as accent as well?


whoa super vague topic

Yum. My favorite drink.

I will most likely be entering this derby

Yes, which hopefully means that creativity will be rampant this week. Or at least, I hope so…

okay this is stinkin awesome! I love this theme. I am already working on my ideas

I think they should’ve done a more difficult handicap, like no blue.

This is wide open. Awesome.

I am going to go out on a limb and say there will be multiple blue shirt entries :slight_smile:

Someone rebel and do orange!

Yaaaaay! Good derby theme! Thanks, Joel