Derby #310: Double-Take Derby 21

I will appreciate this relaxing time!:D:D

Awesome. First time in a while that I’ve got a few entries for a Double Take.

Hints on next week’s Derby theme???

Please please please…

Oh yes, please a sneak peak of the next derby would be most delightful!

My HM is thus,


I think it rings true for many…

you know what? the others are right. It would be great to know the next derby so we can have two weeks to design instead of one. I’m always busy so I usually don’t have time to finish my entries or worse… i enter them unfinished.

we would get a lot more great quality designs if we had two weeks. So please tell us the next derby or at least a good hint

Derby 311: 311? Alternative rock? Boulders? Pebbles? Bamm-Bamm? Boom-Boom? Mario!

Please - it would be great to have more than an evening to work on a design!!!

Open theme, it just has to be on the back (no two-sided prints). No color restrictions (unless a tee-shirt goblin steals a particular color during the week). Keep “similar shirts exist” in mind. If you’re going to do a rocket-pack tee, make sure it’s distinctive enough that it’s your take on a rocket-pack tee.

I’d say I’ve got a couple ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks Travis!

Ooooohhh! This is going to be fun! Thanks, Travis. :slight_smile:

Epic Delivery! LOL

Is there a woot-blessed template for the back of the shirt? The couple of times I’ve submitted back-of-the-shirt designs (even as early as Derby 13), I made my own and I don’t have one for the current shirt colors.

Mario on the back! Done! :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally recovered from being sick for a little over a month and now there’s no theme this week…BUT! at least I have 3 or 4 designs in the double take.

I’ll see about getting one of ours up in the next day or two. You’ll have to figure something out for the photo templates.

Man, finally decided to start participating in the derbies and now I need to wait two whole weeks to play again!? sobs uncontrollably

That’s good for a newcomer, more time to create an epic entry!