Derby #311: Back in Back

Don’t worry woot, I’m down [youtube=lYBIRHi5-o8][/youtube]

More appropriate for the 4th…


The last cassette tape I ever owned.

How about some PDF formatted love for those of us too cheap for Adobe products? :wink:

Back only? With the fronts fully blank? Or are you looking for designs with a back focus but can have at least ~something~ on the front? A fully blank t-shirt front sounds realllllly lame.

Of course, I kind of am a bad target for a back design since my hair almost completely covers the design area. No one would even see it.

Is this likely to get rejected?

Get your PDF love here.
It’s adapted from woot’s front template so hopefully it suits your cheap purposes.

“If you can read this… stop touching my hair!”

It didn’t mentioned “no pop culture references”, so I drew this called “Turn Back”. Hope it’s okay for this week’s derby. :wink:
(from DW’s Turn Left episode : Time Beetle…)



Here’s a sneak peek of mine, I’ve got a couple more up my sleeve as well, let me know what y’all think!

Woohoo! I’m ready!

I’m just happy these past 2 weeks are over…what a snooze

Derby #311: Attack of the Puppet Accounts

Is it wrong that it irks me that many of the top scoring designs don’t need to be on the BACK of the shirt? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the contest? Save those designs (which are pretty awesome, by the way) for another derby or submit them to the daily but they certainly shouldn’t win this one.

I agree completely. (I also think this is my first comment on a derby forum, so maybe it matters not…)


Man- been out of town and was going to try and rush a design in tonight or tomorrow… Don’t see the point. Too many AWESOME designs already in. Well done guys!

/sniffle… this is my first week not submitting since I started!

Once again… the fog is full of text.

I’m surprised I don’t see any amazing designs considering the fact we had two weeks this time.

well the koala is nice. :slight_smile:

I suspect the bulk of them are submitted by the same person under multiple accounts, with the same votes.

Interesting… even the same skipped derbies…