Derby #314: Video Games

Should ONLY be obscure games…
I think you should list 10-25 games or game series that are NOT allowed.

Well, I mean, maybe they want more mario shirts. They sell, right?

Derby 314 should’ve been Pie. Just sayin’…

You do realize that all of the winners this week will be Mario, Zelda or (possibly) one of the Star Wars games, right? If you want designs from oddball games, you’d best ban the 10-25 games that are always represented.

Definitely agree with the “list games banned from the derby” idea.

You’re right. It’ll be a Mario Fest if they don’t put out a ban list.

as a relatively new derbyer, I don’t know: have they ever amended the ban list after the announcement?

Yes. Rules can change. They try really hard not to change them after the derby has started, but it’s happened.

They have updated the rules after posting them in the past and should this time - I’ve got to agree that if there is to be an Ecco or Myst shirt as a winning design, then there had better be a heavy ban on all things Mario (which includes Donkey Kong and Yoshi), Pac-Man, Zelda and Elder Scrolls.

Maybe we can all stop trying to get my idea rejected… thanks.

I attribute my deep rooted fear of the ocean in large part to Ecco the Dolphin. Nightmare fuel.

I suppose there is a shirt in there somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could come up with something for Myst, but I have thought long and hard to no avail :frowning: Sorry woot.

Police, King, Space Quest mashup? Throw in a little LS Larry for good measure.

Another good one was Scorched Earth. Yeah, lookvout! Death’s head coming at yer hill.

If there isn’t a battle toads shirt… I will be sorely disappointed.

Oh, man. Ecco the Dolphin. I remember that game fondly.

That’s one of the spookiest games I’ve played (I was 10), also has really good music: [youtube=h-ti2_KZr-Q][/youtube]

So it has been almost a year since I posted my design in the pre-derby thread but I was wondering what people thought.

I call it One Keen Commander:

The Copyright Rule is “Use whatever characters you want, just don’t get us sued!”

My favorite part of this theme is the “Oh no, please don’t just make shirts with those same games and characters that everyone always buys :(” followed by no rules to disallow those things. “Oh no, more of the same. $ :frowning: $ We desperately want some original ideas $ :frowning: $”

Nobody EVER parodies the arcade game Kick Man.

I remember playing this when I was growing up thinking “whoever thought of this really bad concept, and had the money to make it into an arcade game regardless?!?”