Derby #315: Inspired by Van Gogh

I’m getting a vague case of deja vu…
Any ideas of what derby might inspire this?


Thank you for this theme! I can’t wait to get home to start working on my idea!

smart catch on the “no doctor who” rule this week…the Doctor Who Van Gogh episode is fantastic

Brace yourself for the inevitable THAT’S NO MOON starry night…


Or the 18 billion starry night designs…

like so:

You should had just ran a “Starry Night” derby.

Guys, Guys, Guise! I’m gonna do something CRAZY! I’m going to make something…wait for it…original.


Although maybe with a theme like this we might not get dozens of designs already being sold elsewhere.


Cool! You’ll be in great company with all the rest of us that don’t get printed!!!

Since the rules say no video games, are anime, comics, and films okay?

Design IS NOT mine and I just found it on Google. Pretty witty.

I mean, you can’t always think that way. My last derby win was an original piece. It can happen, in fact it does more often than people realize- even if it’s not the majority these days.

Yeah, you are right, just being snarky…
What gives the impression of missing originality is the FOG. Even though the winners end up being the unique entries, the FOG is often populated with the mindless garbage.

I can often agree with that.

No… no, it doesn’t. Not trying to be negative, just honest.

So then how did I win with an original piece? Explain.