Derby #316: ACII Art

This should be interesting. Great theme.

I wonder if “someone else’s work” includes ascii art generators.

I NEED that pile of wires!

Q: 6 colors still allowed?


This could be very good, or very very bad. Better not mess this up nerds!

two questions…

  1. What font is best suited for this?

  2. Can you please make it clear whether or not a ASCII generator is allowed?

Lyonscc will use the generator if allowed, GUARANTEED! Please let’s not.

I don’t see why a generator wouldn’t be allowed - as long as you were generating something from original artwork. Besides, how would you even know or be able to prove if a generator was used?

If it is ascii generated from your original work, then MAYBE. But then you get into the war over whether or not the work is yours. I called out a particular artist in my last post, because he has been called out repeated on using stuff he found on the web and then denying that he did so, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

So using a generator would be like saying, open season. Go grab anything you got, scan it in and call it a shirt.

To your point tho, if someone is really good, could they create something from scratch so well that it appears to have came from an ascii generator? HMMMM…

So can we get clarification or a link to the character set? No pipe character for example?

Any monospaced font is going to work for this. The internet can probably help you investigate that. Just remember as it says above, if the font looks too small to print well, we will probably axe it.

In regards to the ASCII generators, as people have mentioned above, there is not really a way for us to tell whether or not someone used a generator. Also, the generators themselves could have restrictions. So…

Normal color restrictions apply.

My worry here is how much fudge room there is. Use of layers? Kerning? Nonstandard typefaces? You can push all of these boundaries a little to goose your design, but strictly speaking, could not produce similar designs with true ascii art. Where does creativity end and non-adherence to rules begin? Will the rejector even care?

If not, will this put the people who produced true ascii art at a disadvantage?

I’m sure they expect boundary pushing. That’s kind of the point. But I would think the bottom line would be that it needs to be recognizable as ascii and be original.

Man, I haven’t made any ASCII art since the days of usenet. Ultima Dragons, yo.

These are the 95 allowed characters:

If you use a generator you should probably post the original artwork too. A generator is just like any other filter. You’re never allowed to use photos or other people’s art, so that would be the best way to prove it.

Posting original would be great, but you know that’s like pulling teeth. " Just trust me man, I didn’t all my self, really I did, honest…" fingers crossed

splitting hairs here, but I disagree that that’s kinda the point. It IS the point, because I doubt it’ll get you disqualified. Ref’s not looking, so sweep the leg!

If it gets made an official requirement that’d help! :hint hint:

True, but how many times in all the derbies has that occurred?

Then you’ll just have people claiming they didn’t use a generator and the ascii art is the original art.

I would think a generator would be cheating. The original artists had to figure out the shadows by trail and error. If generators are allowed then I can pick any of my pre-made art and just toss it in like that and have an entry ready in less than a minute. :confused:

DING DING DING, yes, exactly!