Derby #318: Office Life

Judging from the lack of chatter, either you all have amazing ideas or you’re as stumped as I am.

Andy Warhol style swinglines FTW.

I’m guessing there will be a LOT of staplers.

I’d hardly call that a mere guess. That’s a forecast.

This is my sub this week, and no staplers!

I don’t understand what this week’s derby theme is about. Can anyone offer a better description on this week’s theme? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Love the use of the Red Solo Cup :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m gonna have 2 this week.

I found this old concept I sketched out. The idea is being trapped in a cubicle when there’s a magical world just outside. Work on it? Move on? Any ideas for how to communicate it better? I thought to make a colorless patch around the cubicle. I dunno.

My first read was more like this is his imagination inside his cubicle? Maybe confine him more? bars… chain his legs to the table? something that confines him… i dunno… it feels as if he can just get up and wonder in it to me…

instead of making areas around cubicle colorless… how about making everything else vibrant and bright while he and cubicle are monotone? Good luck!

I’d love to see a DadOfaFish at the office design! :wink:

I have never worked in an office. Everything I know about office work comes from TV and movies.

Same boat- this has been hard for me to think on… I can’t relate so I am coming up blank.

I like this premise- I agree, monotone the cubicle and perhaps make him more drained… as for the magic- needs more whimsy, swirls, energy. Maybe if it were a little more surreal or fantasy, it would read even more… cool man- can’t wait to see where it goes.

there are a lot of clichés to put ur own spin on for office humor… try watching a few episodes of the office or just office space for some ideas?

one of my personal favorites:

pretty cool concept, the three waiting for the bus kinda reminds me of a scene from stranger than fiction lol

I certainly agree with the other two comments that cubicle man doesn’t seem trapped enough. I Tis almost like he could get out of his chair and walk into the scene. But I differ on the scene itself. I think it is great the way it is. If you have never been stuck at a desk when the sun is out, you might not realize that nature itself is a pull, it doesn’t have to be imagined any better than it is. But maybe for the impact, it does…

For you, and the other designers who’ve never worked in an office… I DO work in a tiny cube! My walls are higher than this so I can’t see “out” unless I stand up. There’s a shelf above the computer screen where I keep binders, in-out trays, and my lunch bag. It’s like being in a very small cage. Luckily I’m in a position where I can get up whenever I want/need and move around. Some folks in cubes must stay there unless given permission to leave. Shudder
Orabbit, maybe a small window?

Edit: PLEASE no pop culture. I don’t need a turtle, plumber, or Dr. Who at my desk. Thanks.

Another cube rat here. I have an idea if anyone is looking for something…I know, late in the game. Sorry.

I’m good, but thanks. I’m a cube rat myself, and my job is about as artless as they come, so one of my subs is definitely gonna speak to my experience as a cube rat with artistic aspirations.