Derby #318: Office Life

I don’t pretend to aspire. :wink: I have ideas, but lack the time and patience to develop the skills to create them. My stick figures are an insult to stick figures everywhere. And not just for their hand gestures and expressions of disdain.

I like this idea, but the lines on the solo cup kinda jack up his mouth. Also, I think straphanging v. bus stop would be a winrar.

Good stuff, though.

If no one has taken you up by monday, I’d love to merge our minds. I will be out of town all weekend though and can’t do anything else till I get back. :frowning:

Can somebody please help me with the dimensions of the thumbnail and shirt preview images? I’ve submitted in the past but I don’t remember the size and I can’t get to that page right now because the submissions aren’t open yet. I have a 1400px square image, 7 inches by 7 inches at 200 dpi. What do I need to get it down to? Thanks!

Around 250x250 pixels

Thank you… but it looks horrible! Am I not getting something? All I did was change the pixels in Image size.


240 x 240 px @ 72 dpi


602 x 602 px @ 300 dpi

Is it halftoned? If so, divide the pixels by an even number, so for you try 350 x 350 and see if that looks better.

Shirt comp! I forgot what it was called. Thanks, those are larger dimensions and looks muuuuuch better.

Half tones! lol… not smart enough for that. That involves math. :slight_smile:

So I feel like a serious rookie for asking this, but why should the comp be at 300 dpi and not 72?

Wait, didn’t they change the detail to 186 x 186?

Well…crud. Guess we’ll see when the derby opens. I’m not a fan of not seeing.

That’s right. Design Detail is 186 x 186 and Shirt Comp is 602 x 602.
When you go to submit a design there’s a link beside each that says ‘What’s this?’ where you find the size requirements. I double check every now and then to ensure I’m still getting it right, especially after designing late into the night/morning.

How about a force field that encloses the cubicle that automatically shuts off at the end of his shift.(5:00 p.m.) ?