Derby #319: Song Titles Reinterpreted

Most important is that the image stands alone, IMO. Unless you’ve got a great visual pun like Pinball Wizard, but those are harder to come by.

Slightly confused on this one… Does the design have to be based solely on the song title itself? Or can it be based on a lyric within said song?

So no opinions or suggestions, then?

Aw man. You and orabbit don’t really agree here! But I think it’s enough to make my choices. Really hoping for that HM soon (if not plain ol’ victory)!

Hopefully “Badfish” is one on that list!

I agree with orabbit that it will definitely help if the image can stand on it’s own… You’d be surprised how many people seem to dislike the idea of having to explain what’s on their shirt.

Running with the devil? I’m not a huge fan of the song, so my opinion is probably not that useful, but you rendered it pretty well. It’s clear what you were going for. I’d try to (in tgentry’s terms) plus it somewhat. not sure what i’d add or change, but i feel like you can do more.

I think you just threw down the gauntlet. I think I have to now!

Obviously this will be the sonofafish logo with a fez instead of a beanie.

haha alright! looking forward to that entry!

It must be about the TITLE, that is always how these interpretation derbies have worked. In the video game title derby, people got rejected when the content was used to elicit the name. So go ahead and use the stuff from in the song if you want, but the NAME of the song needs to be obvious.

Id pick a popular song, but spin it in a strange, new, exciting way.
Disconnect the obvious by two or three leaps.

Got it. Thanks!!

Comments? Suggestions?

I like it, but there’s this.

I bought this shirt a few days before the Boston Marathon bombing, and have never worn it. Bad timing.

I hope some of you talented people like country :slight_smile:

Obvious request for shirt design here: Foxy lady. I think it can be done right without strictly coming across as a furry design.

Yea, I saw that when I first had the idea. Figured the treadmill was a bit of a different take. Not sure I nailed it, though.

I also have these ideas? Any better?

I picked a devil title too…

This title stood out to me for a zombie theme…