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Art begins when one person, with the object of joining another or others to himself in one and the same feeling, expresses that feeling by certain external indications. To take the simplest example: a boy, having experienced, let us say, fear on encountering a wolf, relates that encounter; and, in order to evoke in others the feeling he has experienced, describes himself, his condition before the encounter, the surroundings, the woods, his own lightheartedness, and then the wolf’s appearance, its movements, the distance between himself and the wolf, etc. All this, if only the boy, when telling the story, again experiences the feelings he had lived through and infects the hearers and compels them to feel what the narrator had experienced is art. If even the boy had not seen a wolf but had frequently been afraid of one, and if, wishing to evoke in others the fear he had felt, he invented an encounter with a wolf and recounted it so as to make his hearers share the feelings he experienced when he feared the world, that also would be art. And just in the same way it is art if a man, having experienced either the fear of suffering or the attraction of enjoyment (whether in reality or in imagination) expresses these feelings on canvas or in marble so that others are infected by them. And it is also art if a man feels or imagines to himself feelings of delight, gladness, sorrow, despair, courage, or despondency and the transition from one to another of these feelings, and expresses these feelings by sounds so that the hearers are infected by them and experience them as they were experienced by the composer.

(from What is Art? by Leo Tolstoy)

How do you get that post up to the top like that!?

I’m fast and watch the board come 1pm. ^_~

It’s easy if you are fast. I’m not fast.

She does it with moxie and witchcraft.

I’ve got a great idea from a class I took a while back where we had to do a series of line-art drawings using ink and paper (no mistakes allowed!). Two of them were 1) a three-dimensional picture using horizontal likes, varying only the thickness, and 2) a portrait using a single line like that didn’t cross or break. I think I’ll do the latter, since it was a COOL picture.

all I need is about 4 hours and 3,000 little pen strokes.

Or 1 sketch and a photoshop filter.

I never thought of that. Ooooh, this makes the derby a lot easier now…

Now I have to come up with something. It’s hard to be off-topic when there’s no subject, just a style. :slight_smile:

What do people think of this?

Nice ideas. I may have to think about them. This will definately be a good day for the tablet artists. But it is rather dissapointing that this derby seems tailor made for a few of the artists.

I think that I have no idea what it is.

I could see it being rejected for shading in the thicker areas. Adjust that and it’s pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

Pshhh, duh. It’s a roadrunner. ^~ Hee, I actually looked at the title to figure that out. ^________^

It’s a huge scanned sketch, so when I put it in photoshop, I’d have to replace the fills with lines. It’s a digitized sketch of mine, so I have pretty high resolution on it. I might simply keep it raster.

EDIT: It’s the first of a series of animal-based art I did a while ago that I termed “MechanArt”. I have a crane, whale, doberman, horse and shark to go with it. All animals with metal parts, done in pen and ink. I started converting some of them to vector, but it’s slow. Easier to sketch them… :wink:

Prof. Tek,

That looks like the most painful vibrator ever.

Prof. Tek,
I don’t have PS. Anyone know how to make GIMP do something like that?



Not sure, but I think Inkscape might be able to do that. I’d have to check though since I only use it to make vector grunge. You might want to ask one of the Dodgeball regulars…