Derby #32: Line Art


Derby #45: Imaginational Symbols

This week’s Derby Cyberpub. If we aren’t chatting it up here, try over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway.


I’d like to kiss your feet Joel.


WOW!!! One color Line Art!!! James and Jimiyo…you’ve got this one in the bag!!!


Very limiting; very interesting.

=) I like it!


LINES! YAY! I’ve been practicing one-color lineart all week (seriously, wow)!! YAAAAY -excited-


Awesome. I love this. Thank you, woot!


So Cho… ya gonna win all 4 spots? smirks

great going on this last derby!


AHHH, I should have held off on the Riverman and did the BW . . . eh well. Amazing that it’s a “STYLE” this week, not a subject matter. This’ll be great!


Nice, this is right up your alley!


Drat. I really wish they would have done this one next week when I won’t be entering. Sigh.


Great… everyone with clip art collections are going to come out of the freaking woodwork…


hot damn… this should be fun… I think Joel wants to save on the number of screeens he has to produce for this one… 1 color - one screen…

One Question - how thick is a “Line”… does my water entry style this week constitute a line, or a fill?

(EDIT) not including the droplets, or the background, i mean the thin/thick knotwork stuff…


scary. I wonder if I can do any good?


not to worry. I bet the rejectorator will be in full swing this week.


This could produce all three of my first derby shirts (unless you count the ones I bought for other people). I can’t wait to see what designs we get!


I certainly hope we get great, HAND-DRAWN art… Yes, Cho, it’s your time to shine. I’m gonna see if I can play with the big boys this week. I got something in mind already.


Hehh… i’m seeing technical drawing week for me!! woot… CAD will finally come in handy!


This is going to be a VERY awesome competition. Im ready to throw 30 bucks at woot this weekend :smiley:


First thing I thought…