Derby #320: Fall

Hoodie templates should be added in a little bit.

This is glorious. :slight_smile:

Ohhh sounds neat.

Fun fun! Lemme at it!

I’m excited! And I like how the designs will be on hoodies, as well.

I don’t understand. If the designs are to compliment one another, does that mean two designs are required for each entry? I mean, if the same design is printed on both, that’s not really complimentary in the sense of the word. If two designs are expected, will the prize be doubled? Thank you.

It can be the same design or you can provide two different designs that work well together. The prize remains the same either way.

so double the work, and if you don’t agree that they complement each other, possible rejection. I mean, playing it safe doesn’t win ballgames, but whoever wins this one will certainly have earned it.

You can always use the same design on both.

I have zero artistic ability, so as always I’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching fun designs come out.

But if anyone can pull off an indoor/outdoor theme I know I will throw my vote over there.

Fall brings new TV shows, so you could have someone sitting watching TV with a fall scene going through the window on a tee. Then have the compliment of people (or cats since people are obsessed with them) playing outside in the leaves with a someone watching TV in a house on the hoodie.

At least…that’s what I would do if I could draw more than bad stick figures.

I was contemplating something along those lines but you may have illustrated something better. Thanks for sharing ur idea with the community! :wink:

Fall includes halloween stuff?

We have some Halloween themes coming up, so I’d save your Halloween stuff for then.

My question too. And does text include symbols such as pi?

I wasn’t complaining, just trying to get sense for the challenge. I sort of feel it’s not worth it to do a single design, you’ll be at something of a disadvantage among the 2-design subs. I’m just leary of kickouts that are highly subjective, particularly since it involves more work. kind of a rock and a hard place, but what’s life without challenges?

yeah math symbols in the past have counted as text. So pi counts as text.

I figured so, but wanted to make sure before I explored an option any further.

need some input:
cranberry or asphalt?

I prefer the cranberry BUT I would probably tweak the colors a lil bit on the hoodie- looks great on the shirt but the palette could be slightly nicer with the darker colored hoodie. Rad design idea!