Derby #322: Kawaii

Congrats on another victory, Fablefire!

YAYAYAYAYAY! So it’s a day like any other day except tomorrow it’s going to be sooo much cuter!

I probably shouldn’t be so happy as I tend to fail at derbies that are in my comfort zone but I’m looking forward to seeing what other people make!

I am not good at it, but will give it a shot!

Ecch. My “cute” characters usually end up looking like they took too much acid. Good luck everyone, and keep your buckets handy!

Ha- wow-

This is going to be interesting…

Haven’t talked myself into buying a 3ds yet… Maybe this will be my lucky week-

One question- Does voting enter you into the drawing, or are you entered every time you vote?

Good question - I updated the description. Voting at least once is all that counts. Multiple votes do not enter you multiple times.

I am guessing for the sake of not having people vote for a hundred shirts they don’t like, it will be one entry per voter.

I think it’s time to break out the cute :wink:

Yes! So excited…:slight_smile: I’m ready for this one.

Well, well. I already have a 3DS and AC:NL, but that plushie set is cute.

I just threw up a little in my mouth after drawing adorable things for thirty minutes… I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY WOOT!!!

No créme?


Oakenspirit–you’re lucky.

The two people I showed my cute drawings to threw up a lot.

no creme-colored shirt blanks

the theme is cute? O_o

that’s right up my ally :smiley:

If anyone’s willing to give feedback, this is what I’ve got going on so far…

you have a tendency not to respond to my feedback, but what the heck.

there’s a generally wootcute style that was most successfully practiced by ramyb and sekiyoku, and now most closely represented by fablefire (hence my advance congratulations). Heck, even tgentry, the current artistic director, tried his hand at it when he was a derbyer in what I think was the last kawaii derby. I recommend searching for these artist’s catalogues. I’m not saying copy them, but there are certain stylistic elements they use that seem to go over well with woot voters.

I totally respond! And I appreciate it! Many times, if I don’t make the suggested changes, it’s because I can’t. :slight_smile:

I think it has solid voter potential, as a hypercute GOT thing could be big but I want a little more from the style (mostly in the person)- then again, clean lines and color may fix whatever weird I’m feeling about it- :slight_smile: