Derby #323: Shirts As Costume III (+ bonus Holiday Card Derby)

I think I’ll aim for second, I dig that zombie flamingo!

No HM derby?!

Been stewing on an idea for a derby like this for weeks- everthing seems to niche, random, or overdone- better speed think!

Not yet. It’s on the calendar, we just want make sure we get Halloween in given the time sensitivity there. We also had to factor in where the subsequent MoH sale would land and how it effects other sales. No worries, it’s coming.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve been thinking on this for weeks and can’t think of anything that hasn’t been done before.

I’m in. :slight_smile: I think I have an idea…

I foresee many rejections for “similar shirts exist” in the future.

The Monster Fighter Haunted House is seriously awesome.

Welp, I got nothin. See y’all next week!

Would you guys consider expanding the printable area for this?

MEH to costume as shirt again, whatever happened to good old general Halloween theme?

Cool prizes (most badass garden gnome ever) though, I’m curious to see if bribery works beyond the kawaii crowd. I’ll bet it’d be fun thinking up theme related voter prizes every week.

Wait…are they artist prizes or voter prizes? Since it said “bonus” I assumed that to mean on top of the standard artist winnings.

Does the t-shirt need to be about Halloween? I already have a “shirt as costume-Halloween related” idea, but I was just wondering (in case I come up with something else), as the past “shirt as costume” derbies were quite broad!

Just has to be a costume of some kind… doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to Halloween specifically.

The bonus prizes are for artists this week.

And we may be having a second, even more Halloweeny theme coming up. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while. This derby was a good enough excuse to get it done.

OIC reading comprehension fail on my part.

No can do - equipment limitations.


Are the shirts with the highest votes going to come up as the default view again, like they were this past derby?

I believe this should be Derby #324.

I organize all my entries by derby name and number so it was easy to catch.

Cool idea for a derby. I’ll shall be participating.