Derby #323: Shirts As Costume III (+ bonus Holiday Card Derby)

Thats exactly what I need. right now.

I’m pretty sure this is the first derby where I’ve finished an entry the night before in a long, long time…

Yep. They’ve made two #323

Anybody out there? How’s this? Is it too wordy? I’m not sure if there’s a better wording.

Probably doesn’t meet the “Incidental text only” standard.

Something like a statue of liberty shirt with a “closed” sign on it would probably pass.

Oh drat, I forgot about the text rule. Oh well.

Other than that I thought it was good.

ditto- timely goodness- maybe daily it. :wink:

Hey if you don’t win or feel like submitting a design but, still want to buy the Zombie Gnome go here ( You can get the male for $15 or the set of man and women for just $25.

Can someone explain what incidental text is? I dont really want to rush getting a design finished tomorrow that is just going to get rejectonatored :confused:

EDIT: Never mind, managed to stumble across the answer on a past derby xD
“Incidental text only. A nametag or logo is fine as one element of a larger design. “This Shirt Is My Pirate Costume” is not.”

First time going to enter the derby… Can’t wait for tomorrow.