Derby #325: Macabre (+ bonus poster derby!)

This appeases me as a kinda-Halloween theme.

hallefreakinglujah! NO CUTE!! I may get to buy a shirt this derby. For the fist time in a loooong time I’m excited about a derby! Thank you woot!

Hell. Yes. That is all.

No cute?! Well Hell, I’m on board. awe yeah!!

Quick question… will the next double take be for the normal amount of derbies or will it be for all of them since the last dt?

I love this theme, but I may not be able to enter :frowning:

How many people are going to make designs that are actually macabre?

Well, at least one, I can tell you that.

I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with!

I’m hoping you do. I think you could rock this.

what kind of theme does he not rock?

note “what do you say we cut the cute…?” is phrased in the form of a question, not as a rule. unless a staffer explicitly posts that cute is going to be prohibited, imma gonna guess cute takes on otherwise macabre idears would be allowed.

There must be something…

I really want to… Let’s see if I can manage my time tonight… Thanks for that nice comment!

What? That’s nice of you to say :wink:
but, I don’t see myself like that…

Human bodies… I’m horrible with human bodies.

Lol, my brother suggested I make a “What does the fox say” shirt and title it “Music Macabre”

Not my comfort zone but I’m trying to bring something this week. I had a Bloody Mary idea but just saw it’s sort of been done.

Maybe I’ll go back to reading creepy stuff on Reddit for inspiration.

And yes Omar, you do rock all of the time. Face facts. :^)

Drawing them or disposing of them?

hahaha, man, I really lol with that comment… lets say, drawing them…

  • Thanks Matt!

Sounds like you just confessed that you’re awesome at disposing of human bodies.