Derby #326: Double-Take Derby 22

I got two this time! Personal best!

So… This includes every HN since the last Double-Take up to Derby #324: Shirts As Costume?

Here are mine

It’s gonna be a big one!!!

I’ve got



My grey derby, aparently…
:slight_smile: /fingerscrossed

Two this time.



Awesome! I’ve got my first HM this time:

My first double-take derby, I’m pretty excited!


It’s my first doubletake too!

But since it’s my first, maybe someon can tell me… if we resub old entries, can we make minor edits?

So this is only for HMs? I’m so happy that I managed to get one!

I’d like to know this too. So we can submit HMs and previous entries to this one?

Woohoo! My first double-take! I have three:

Man, I hope I did that right.

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but there are going to be waaaaay more entries into this double-take than usual, right? I guess that means our chances of winning go way down? I can’t imagine people having the patience to flip through 10x as many entries as normal…

Anyone with past experience willing to share their thoughts with a relative newbie?

Pretty sure I’ve got four in the mix for this one.





Awesome to see so many new faces in a double-take! Grats guys. :wink:

No changes. Woot will submit all of the shirts this week. You wont be submitting your own entries.

F-LOVE that zebra shirt.

PS Thanks oaken…actually feeling pretty proud. :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the first-timers!!:smiley:

I think I have one this round…


This is only like my third double-take I’ve had anything in but they feel very different than a typical derby- Since ALL the entries pop up day one, you see IMMEDIATE RESULTS in votes- there is a bit of flux, but it pretty much seems to establish a pecking order by the end of the weekend. There will be MORE entries in this one, but since they don’t change, I doubt it will have a major effect on voters.

As for printing, pretty sure we get seven PRINTS and then a pile (maybe 12 ish) in a side sale. Maybe Woot will lovingly have a bigger side sale to compensate for the bigger selection (!?!?!)

My main fear is that this is just going to be a week of KAWAII derby prints…

Did I wait long enough before starting the inevitable begging for the Derby 327 theme? I’m thinking of getting back into the Derby after a long absence, and finally have time to dedicate to a design next week.


If you haven’t gotten a HM is it safe to say you won’t see your design or is there still a chance?


P,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,pp,p,p,puuuuuuuulease Travis!