Derby #327: Scientists

Nikola Tesla’s gonna get beaten into the ground on this one, I reckon. I’ll have to find some other unsung genius. Rosalind Franklin, maybe.

Tesla. Schrodinger (w/CATS!). Walter White. Doc Brown.

This is what I foresee in this Derby’s future…

And now I’m off to start working on my Schrodinger’s Delorian design.

This theme excites me. :wink:

So this derby can include , Both historical and fictional scientists? From the write up I thought it was strictly historical but I guess the theme is " scientists" and not " historical scientists"

I’m trying to think if there has ever been a derby in which there were zero cat entries.

(Disclaimer: Am a dog owner with 45+ catshirt designs from 5 different shirt sites; 4 of those designs are Schrödinger’s Cat related.)

Our cat entry for tomorrow is almost ready to go. lol.


If this cat is not coming out of a Tardis, I won’t vote for it… lol

Hmm, I have been working on a fictional scientist thing, I hope that’s ok. The theme preview made it seem ok, thought the write-up seems more focused on real life. I can promise no Doctor Who or Breaking Bad, though.

I tried a tardis once and have felt guilty ever since as I have never seen the show. Felt wrong.

Pleeeeease please please, someone choose Bob Bakker!!

I think I have a really cool idea, but I have never done graphic design. Are there any rules against drawing and scanning my design? I’ve looked through all the rules I could find and didn’t see anything about this. :confused:

Too bad there is no glow in the dark, someone could submit the Curie’s glowing with success.

You can draw and scan, but you’ll need to then edit that to comply with the color limitations. 6 spot colors, minimum dot size, etc. This will need to be put on a tee mockup to show where the design will be printed. The tee mockups can be downloaded from woot.

None whatsoever, but your art still has to conform to the 6 color limit and you still have to show it on a shirt template. Make sure the shirt template uses a color that they can print on and stays within the bounds of the printable area.

That’s fine as long as you conform to the color limitations and post it on a template according to the rules.
I do a good number of scanned drawings (especially when I have a busy day and don’t have time to sit in front of my computer but can draw at work)

If you have photoshop, THRESHOLD is your friend when dealing with drawings…

/highfives :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for the helpful info!

Jeez, it’s quiet around these parts today. Usually there will be at least one person looking for an opinion on their design.