Derby #328: Food

I like food!

Is it too early to say “congrats on the win!” to Wences? :slight_smile:

When does that not apply? :wink:

Don’t you mean Walmazan? He’s had two in the fog consistently for weeks. Now if Ramyb ever returns, they’ll take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd each week…

isn’t “wences” the “w” in “walmazan”?

There should’ve been a no “haz cheezburger” rule this go 'round.

As no1 said, the W in Walmazan is Wences(lao), his first name … and anthropomorphic food is his specialty.

Between med school and running a business, Ramy probably won’t be derbying for quite a while, if ever, again. Woot’s bigger ouch, actually; besides the additional site visits (ad revenue) due to the fans, critics, arguments and controversy, he’s brought in over $4-million in revenues.

I had worked up this design for the 80s derby but didn’t enter it; thinking about trying it out for this one…


So, . . . this means edible shirts next week?

This is what I have so far. Any suggestions?

So I started this concept called “Malicious Mushrooms”…but I’m not sure if its working well. They would probably have a bit more mischievous faces. Any feedback on the sketch is appreciated.

Very cute- Since it can be two seperate designs, it would be really cool if the apron was as is, but the shirt was the pumpkin with the hole (in that shape) cut out… :wink:

I second that idea. I think it would really take the design to the next level :slight_smile:

I like the layout and the idea- maybe have some creepier purple mushrooms hiding on there- like the poisoned mario mushroom color-

Yeah, i have another idea I am working on now, but if I come back to this one I will take your suggestion for sure. Thanks :slight_smile:

Good idea. I’ll try and experiment with that it I have some extra time this weekend. The only issue would be if it were placed in a double-take, then the two-part gag would be lost.

Aim for this derby only - the next DT is 13 weeks away, and pumpkin probably won’t be so relevant by then …

Ah, good point

I’m thinking about submitting this: "Popped Tart."

Too violent?
Too soon after [name of most recent shooting]?
Too Gangsta Pastry?