Derby #328: Food

As Wooters these days tend to gravitate towards pop-culture influenced designs …

Jessie, you’re going to have to work Mario into your mushrooms if it’s votes you’re after.

Given how overly sensitive folks have become, I would have to say yes.

I have never heard of breakfast pie. Must Google.

mine is exaggerated to highlight the egg, but it’s definitely a thing

I appreciate the ‘cutie pie’. So sweet of you to put me on your shirt! :slight_smile:

No problemo, cutie.

Ok so I ditched the mushrooms (for now) and I am working on this two part submission called Poisonberry Pie. Its obviously inspired by halloween, but I hope other people enjoy creepy humor all year long like I do. I envision the pie as the shirt, and the ingredients as the apron. The ingredients are still very sketchy, but you get the idea. Suggestions?

Go Ed!

I love this, but I suspect there are a lot of people who won’t get it.

I think you should change it from “Chicago’s Best”, to “The Sausage King of Chicago”, or “King of Chicago”, or something.

“The Sausage King of Chicago” --seconded!

Thanks for the advice guys, will do. I’m also working on this

Suggestions welcome here too.

As a side note, I also agree on the two separate pumpkin pie designs; excellent idea!

An idea of mine.
“How do you say it?”

There we go.

Give “Guy” spiked blond hair and sunglasses.

HA! Yes.

looks like I need to make anthropomorphic food if I want to stand a chance in this derby

Ooh, I didn’t see this…
As in Guy Fieri?

I have to sit out of this one. I am too busy this week.

I love that people posted their sketches! I like when woot has that sense of community. Good job guys and Good Luck!

dear gawd why is woot derbies plagued with cute crap all the damn time?!?! not to mention mashed up pop culture as well

looks like yet another week of no buying shirts. B^(