Derby #329: Emojis & Emoticons

No limiting rules? Shirt colors and pop culture and whatnot? Well then…should be a blast! (^_^)


Already done with my submisson!!! Woot!

I feel like some of these themes should come with an example… I mean, what the hell?

Oh, I just thought of something. Hmm.

Seconded. :T

For anyone wanting some Japanese Emoticons here’s a post with a ton of them I saw floating around Tumblr.

Hopefully this will help.

People should do a google image search first, too – cause a lot of emoticon/emoji shirts/ideas already exist ad nauseam.

so kind of like a more specific ASCII derby?

or is this illustrations that incorporate emoticons, but aren’t necessarily emoticons and nothing else?

So, these aren’t JUST the symbols, right? Like we can draw lil smilies and such?

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

You’re a jerk.

Googling emojis brings up smilies so I guess yes.

Hmm, not a huge fan of this one.

I’m figuring that this is illustrations that incorporate emoticons derby but you can do pure text if you want.

They’d need a “TEXT ONLY” rule to make it purely emoticons.

I’m smiling . . . because I know I will be saving money next week.

I feel like I need to remind all you artists about the cute little squiggly smiling poo emoji. EH, EH?

Some artistic interpretation of the existing emoji/emoticon is allowed, correct? Instead of making it look exactly like the original? grimacing in anticipation of the non-artists who will be taking emoticon/emoji pics off of the internet, slapping them onto shirt templates, and considering it an artistic endeavor

I love the cute poo, I wanted to do something with that but I was afraid of the rejectionator! may I?

Here’s what I came up with. Thoughts?

I dig it.