Derby #332: Evolution

Predicting lots of Darwin and monkeys.

thank you for no doctor who…try something new creative people!

Oh dear!- I just had the WORST idea… mwahahhaahhahhaha.a…

Love this theme!:D:D

Evolution doesn’t always have to be apes into humans. Take some inspiration from science fiction. Let’s see some creative entries that aren’t just pop-culture as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

A quick idea …


Here’s mine (insert parade music):
Origin of Origin of Species by Ape Lad, on Flickr

Nice! I really like this.

Thank you!

I started on another design idea… and at some point realized that it might be a bit convoluted. In the land of comic books, Radioactive Waste tends to cause mutation, and mutation is essential to evolution :confused: Thoughts?

This is great, what about ‘Common Ancestor’ instead?

Very very cool! Y’know that lamp is tantalisingly close to being a light bulb moment above Darwin’s head, just gotta lower it a tad and add some white. :^)

So cool- and I agree with Spiritgreen’s Brilliant suggestion!

I think it’s clever and the turtle pairing will possibly get you some vote boost- I do like the idea of NOT WAITING ON EVOLUTION -

Very cute- I think DEVOLUTION is kind of an odd word choice though…

and I would drop the fig. 1 … I often wonder why these funny illustrations are ALWAYS the first figure in a book… heh

Looks sharp though!

Here’s what I’m messing with- does it need anything?

Yes! That’s why it’s there. I’ll take your advice to make it a bit more obvious. Thanks!

This is great! Maybe add subtle silhouettes of super humans and turtles to the background? Maybe that will make it too busy.

Thoughts? Its called Evolution of Lies.

Not sure why the link isn’t showing the image