Derby #334: Temple Run

How shiny! Looking forward to some fun designs.

I think Dev is working to get the updated FAQ up. One of the important call-outs is that you WON’T receive ongoing commission for these designs. It’s a one-time payout (a good one I think!)

This is an awesome derby!

Will TR peeps provide us an approved (vector) logo we can use?

You can use whatever imagery you like from the game, but all art should be drawn by you.

This sounds really awesome! Just don’t think I have the artistic brilliance or the time to compete with Radscoolian, Patrickspens, Spiritgreen and the rest of that uber-talented crew this time around. There’s bound to be some sweet entries this week!

Ooh, fun!

I was going to skip this week, but this is too fun to pass up on- I’ll see if I can hammer one out!

No ‘other’ pop culture? Really? Aww. Sadface.

I would have loved to see some sort of reference to Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple. I miss that show.

PS: I have no clue what this Temple Run thing is. o.o

It’s a mobile game seemingly based off the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Considering people have been using pop culture to do well in derbies where they completely ignore the theme, this is a breath of fresh air for me.


Oh hey - Trav, do you know - are there creme tees for this one?

Or King Arthur and his knights running from the vicious Rabbit of Caerbannog! Run away! Run away!

Should be OK.

Glad to read there aren’t other pop culture refs allowed. Otherwise we’d have 100 different designs where various Dr. Who’s are running towards a tardis.

Great, I downloaded the game for “research purposes”. How am I supposed to get any work done now?

Here’s what I’m working on- Is this EVERYONE’S first thought? Starting to worry.

Also- totem or row?

Atleast I am not the only one just now hearing about this game :stuck_out_tongue: sounds like a fun entry but I would have to research the game to even start
Temple Run by StevenLefcourt, on Flickr