Derby #334: Temple Run

So, I haven’t posted a whole lot before, but I thought I would give this one a shot. What do you think?
It still has some work to do…

very clever, cant be sure which version I prefer

I think this has potential- Those monkeys are the best part of the game- I would CREEEEEP them out next to the cartoony guy. :slight_smile:

This is great man- solid, clean look- almost summons PITFALL of old.
I can see this one doing quite well.

This theme is really fun! Here is what I have so far. It would be on a black shirt if that wasn’t clear:


Nonoooononononnoooo… Creepy!


Haha awesome, thats what I was going for. Games like this make me very anxious. Those evil demon monkeys are always lurking.
Temple Run: Profit by StevenLefcourt, on Flickr

Just a fun, quick one after the 12 hours I spent on the first one.

You’ll need much much more ‘pop’. Dark colors on a dark shirt doesn’t actually work as well as you would hope / think it would looking at a computer version. Especially on the newer blanks (or with whatever other change happened…? Maybe I got digital) - Return of the Noms had darkish colors for the BG on black. The print itself was very hard to see the BG parts in most lighting.

The Temple Life

This will be in the top for sure. Great job.

Totem feels better to me. It goes well with the “totem-ish” style.

I think it would work better with faces instead of items (like in the last image).

Working on a back of shirt design…would be better double sided…but probably not offered this derby

Great to see a bunch of cool designs popping up already.

Good one! I think sideways is more wearable and it’s a better match for South American glyphs. Totems would be more North America.

wow, thanks for the vote of confidence

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t done alot of dark on dark, so that is good to know.

Thanks for your feedback. I could see where that would look more cohesive. I’ll probably up the item one and continue to work on a face one.