Derby #336: Days Of The Week

Some good potential in Thorsday, Casual Friday and Caturday too. :^)

Cool to think even back millions of years ago when God created the Earth he knew how crappy Mondays were. Question, which came first, the Camel or the Humpday? :slight_smile:

Kind of a weak theme; will any designs daze us? Sounds more like an idea for a daily.

Is Caturday still a thing?

Thursday was leftover day in our house growing up much like Wednesday being Prince spaghetti day. Mai Tai Friday, and weeping for salvation from Monday Sunday’s. It’s all so dated though.

Kareoke Thursday is still a thing along with weekday happy hour. We have thing at work with Voodoo doll Friday’s when needed to stay late. My art skills aren’t good enough to make that look anywhere near decent without right’s free clip art.

I’m not known for doing well with the cartoon style, so I wanted to get some opinions on my entry this week.

partially inspired by Iron Chef Michael Symon

My first shirt was a flop, but I feel good about this one. Wednesday is Odin’s Day… and he is tired of this “Hump Day” nonsense.

looking for comments/ inputs. Thanks

I will refuse to buy/vote for any shirts that DON’T mention the old (Scandinavian) source of the names of the days. I’ve only seen one good one so far…
BTW I mean:
Sunday: Sun’s Day
Monday: Moon’s Day
Tuesday: Tyr’s Day
Wednesday: Odin’s Day
Thursday: Thor’s Day
Friday: Freya’s Day
Saturday: Satyr’s (Pan/Nature/Earth’s) Day

I like it! I hope it does well! Though I’d have made an eyepatch and/or spear more obvious, in case there are thick people out there who’ve forgotten who Wednesday is REALLY for, lol.

Yeah, in retrospect I wish I had added his ravens. Oops