Derby #346: On The Grid

no 4 square? Man… Can’t keep it simple can we!? lol

‘This space left intentionally blank’

Since reading the derby theme there has only been room in my head for this song.

Wow, how have I never heard of L.B. Rayne? That tune is killer!

So happy to spread the Rayne love

Any suggestions/omissions/mistakes before I call this done?

Ha! I actually thought of your series when this theme was announced…

I think it’s solid- Love the color, great selection of quotes- Nice man- :wink:

I’m interested to see what designs come about during this derby. Open ended themes such as this one are always pretty…interesting.

Same here.

Here’s what I’ve been working on, if anyone has any thoughts/improvements. (I also wonder how much people like… onions). Thanks!


I love the red onion! You should have a gambler onion for DICED! :wink:

Thanks oaken!
Ha! That’s not bad. But I don’t know who I’d eliminate then, I’ve grown attached!:wink:

Cacti in concert!

I have an idea I dont have time for. Here goes.

Eggs. fig 1.

chicken, robin, mockingbird
Fabergé, cadbury, dragon,
yoshi, over easy, Benedict

no names, just pics. Cadbury would be chocolate with a bite, perhaps. Anywho, there it is.