Derby #35 Cyberpub: Charge the card, blow it up


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Mr. Blonde: You kids shouldn’t play so rough. Somebody’s gonna start cryin’.

Joe: How does freedom feel?
Mr. Blonde: It’s a change.

(Reservoir Dogs)



Spring is just about here, bringing green grass, wind, rain, baseball, and another seasonal Derby. As with our Summer Into Fall and Winter themes, we’re looking for designs that capture the essence of the season. Judging by past results, this means we’ll see a lot of trees. What won’t we see? Well, we don’t want designs about Spring holidays like Easter, and, uh, we dunno, Memorial Day or whatever. Also, no text. Now go get sprung.


Two words: Mattress Springs


For once I already have an idea. Cool. :slight_smile:


Oh noo!!! What is that Pucker doing on there!!! ewwww!!! not PG-13!!!


I already got one… hint… it has snow… and a flower… :slight_smile:


Hopes for some flower resubmissions

Ooh, anyone want to do one on the hockey playoffs? They happen every spring!

innocent whistling


I have drawer’s block. Nothing creative is coming. I’m off to threadless to steal some ideas now… checks threadless ooohhh! got something (j/k)



Not funny.


Sorry, I have a lack of funny today, which leads to attempts that miserably fail. However, here’s the funny I Iiked from Derby 34: My Funniest Entry under 100 Award goes to:

There were certainly better shirts out there, but this one is one of the few that made me laugh. At least it wasn’t gross.


I think you bring the funny EVERY DAY. But I am warped.


Not true. I laughed. Then I cried.





There’s also March Madness… You could draw a flower where the center is a basketball… ooo! No. that’s my new idea… :slight_smile:


I’m envisioning a grass green shirt with a patch of dead grass in the middle.

Really I’m just posting here to see my new signature picture.


i think I could do those.just did some out of sugar.

leave out the easter part.


I foresee a funny four panel cartoon that would be really funny, but no-one would vote for: guy dressed in thick wool jacket, hat with ear flaps, gloves, sitting in a lawn chair.

Ground covered in snow for all four panels.

Underneath each panel is listed a specific season: spring, summer, fall, winter. In spring, guy is holding up an umbrella as rain comes down. In summer, same guy, same clothes, is holding a metallic sun,reflector into his face. In fall, guy is holding a rake, and the chair/snow is covered with leaves. In winter, you can’t see the guy (he’s covered up totally with snow).

caption above it all: Four seasons in Minnesota.


lol sorry


Thx! It’d probably be rejected for not being “springy” enough…

I see Kenney submitting this: