Derby #352: Grumpy

This is a tough one

Cue designs featuring Grumpy penguins, grumpy turtles and grumpy foxes…

I have an idea for any of the artists who might find it interesting…

Argus Filch sitting upon the throne of the Twins.

A Harry Potter/Game of Thrones mashup. Should lend itself to some interesting possibilities in terms of accessories or other characters.

Perhaps a Direwolf rug, we know Filch is a cat person.

you mean the grumpy cat meme, but all the cats are banned in this one?

My guess would be just the meme… since they capitalized it… that’s what people do, right?

“no Grumpy Cat” not “no grumpy cats”

What is creme?

an off-white shirt color

also, a food product that makes puddings silky and is mixed into coffee (sometimes).

But in this case, it’s just the t-shirt color.

Got it, thanks! :wink:

It’s what I take my sugar and coffee with…

Grumpy bunnies?

Also, does this mean us Wooters can be grumpy too when the shirts print?

Time for Radscoolian to revive his grumpy penguin series.

The no cream rule just kill my design :frowning:

I like white tees. I guess I’m in the minority but if it’s a good design it can pop & look really crisp on white!

Sorry to hear you’re grumpy woot! hopefully some of our new designs will cheer you up. Misery loves company right?

Question: Are middle fingers rejectionator bait?

They will be rejected! I just checked with Travis and he’s not too keen on printing those kinda birds.

Doh! I tough word creme and cream have the same meaning as in spanish! ;p