Derby #353: Galactic Battles

I made this a little while ago, debating on this or something more on the humorous side of things.


Wow. In the old days, Woot would throw in a “no star wars” rule for something like this. Now, it’s “only star wars”. Interesting.

I love the topic! While I don’t think I have time to design anything this week, I’m beyond excited to see the submissions tomorrow XD

SOOOO EXCITED! Star wars is my thing. I suck at designing, but oh well. My goal is to make a design I’m really proud of. I can’t wait to see all the submissions. SOOOO AWESOME!

it’s gonna be tough to top your Empire Bowl shirt!


I may Also Re enter this one.

I agree and it printed so nice!

It did. I’m pleased with Woot’s printing on that one!

Can you put Leia’s Bikini on her?

Thats how i had it originally and i wasn’t a fan. I was trying to keep her “Classy”. Even though a Gold Bikini is Super Classy.

Wow, I need to read more closely. I skimmed over the write up and was totally going to do a cats in space battling…

Now I don’t know what to do. LOL.

yikes… me too, I usually just glance at the write up and would have missed it if I hadn’t look through this thread. Now I’m quite confused.

Does this means Star Wars only? And does it mean Star Wars battles only? That’s pretty specific. Or anything Star Wars?

I’m pretty geeked about this one. I have two ideas planned…fingers crossed ideas survive the journey from brain to computer screen!

It looks like the “i” and “r” are combined to make a “u” (and the top of the “r” is somewhat lost in the green) so to me it reads “shot fust.” Maybe make those letters a bit more distinct.

pre-halftoned version

title: Galactic Storm
fun fact: that is actually a moon

Galactic (Star) Battles (Wars) is just a way for them to say Star Wars, without actually saying Star Wars. I’d say it’s very likely they just want anything Star Wars related because of 5/4 (May the Fourth be with you) and not any battle specifically.

I’m surprised they didn’t put some kind of parody reminder in there. You can’t just draw a Vader helm on a shirt and sell it without getting sued.

Yeah, that says SHOT FUST. I don’t know much about fonts but that text looks kinda terrible. If that’s cursive it’s not very nice looking at all.