Derby #353: Galactic Battles

You can do anything space battle related. Your call.

Also if you’re specifically going with THAT famous space battle movie just know we’ll still reject if we think we can’t do it. If you’re just putting a character on a shirt with no commentary, joke, parody you run that risk.

Impressive! I really like this new FX silhouette phase you’re in. :^)

That’s something I’m wondering about with mine at the moment. If it needs to be more vague.

Thanks. I have a bunch of positive space/not really silhouette stuff as well. I have just been having a great time with texture and use of positive and negative space.

This is a good example:

Looks great!

Here’s one I did recently tweaked for this. It might be rejection material, not sure.


Woooo. Good to know.

How about a female protocol droid?

Made some hand and face details more subtle. Removed the overt death star imagery from the moon.

You traced this from a shirt at we love fine.

Awww sheeeeet. You got a link?

Can’t find it on welovefine anymore but it’s here.

Wow. Not cool.

I’ve got my caption: “Ralph McQuarrie drew first” …now I’ll just have to conjure a suitable graphic.

That is SUPER awesome! Definitely submit it!

Whadya think? With or without sabers?

Thoughts? Should I keep the full caption, drop the “In Carbonite”?

Is it too boxy?

I like the With Sabers version.

Very cool The force is strong with this one :wink: Goodluck man.