Derby #354: Double Take Derby 24


How many tees about coffee and/or fortune cookies…?

Ahhhh. Of course I sub a daily yesterday that fits the derby. Oh well, excuse to draw something else :smiley:

Also: Spectrum is Rad.

I have a few in the double take. Plus, so many great details in the next derby. Thanks woot!

It feels wrong not begging in a double-take thread-


Travis- What’s the theme two weeks from now— PRETTY PLEASE>!>!!!

Oh My Woot! Nice prizes!!!

I have 4 this time.

oh wow… I want that tablet! awesome prizes. now… 2 weeks to think Bold.

Um, wah!? Joking? or ADD?

What? I don’t think you get what is being said.

Picking nits–the second place prize is not a Cintiq. But YAY on more prizes!

Sad to see purple won’t be getting a double take shot. That’s the one I was really looking forward to pushing.

I have three shirts in the double take this time but I have to go home to post them. Here are the three Shirts I have for the Double Take this time around:

Super excited about next derby. So Many Ideas.

I would just about kill for a Cintiq. :slight_smile:

I have these four in the double-take, I think:

Um, yeah, I guess ADD! Except it’s mine, not theirs…

he’s asking for the theme TWO weeks from now, not the themes for tomorrow or next week.

Ok, what is Double Take Derby?

vote for honourable mentions from past derbies. no new entries.

with no purple, I’ve got 3 this time:

Ok so it just not getting new ideas/submission for previous derbies. It is just getting entries from previous submissions I made and making them better?

I have only one this time, but I am excited about it- I always have bad luck in these doubletakes but this is likely my favorite HM I have ever gotten-


CAN NOT WAIT for the bold derby- I’m stewing some ideas already- Solid prizes woot- solid…