Derby #355: Snarky Slogans

What about literary snark?

Wasn’t he that annoying cat on thunder cats!? JK.

This seems like a great idea!

Are you being snarky?

That was Osbert a “Snarf” a who went by the name Snarf. Snarf is a race and there are a few in the show.

Just saw the “JK” so never mind lol

Best first post ever.


I think Snark was that fuzzy-faced guy on Star Trek Voyager.

If you write the text yourself, ie- not a font- is that a graphical element?


although, I have seen some very minimal excuses…

So- is this dumb? Thinking of calling it THERE’S NO COMEBACK…

Haha I like it!

BTW, can we use Glow in the Dark Ink? I hope so xD

What do you guys think? Is it too litigious with the similar looking logo for the “f” in friends?

And another one, which was a rejected daily that I reworked…

I woudlnt know about the F, but you have 2 references to FB, so it’s a bit redundant. In my opinion choose only one and keep it. Also, too much variation in the typos used to my taste.

I like it !
I would replace the ___ adj by something like insults you can see in some comic books (like this)
but that may be a bit too irreverent/rude. Also, I think that it would graphically suit your typo well.

Thanks for the comments! I definitely see the point about the redundancy of the fb references. I have an alternate version without the logo around the “f” which I will probably use. The missus had serious concerns about being able to use something so close to the official logo, so I think I will take it out.

As for the typeface, yeah, I can see how one would not like the variation. I tried to do something artistic while sticking to all fb style fonts.

Thanks again for the help! :slight_smile:

I like you suggestion but I wanted a more madlib vibe- also, I am playing off of the “Dude, something smells…” “YOUR FACE SMELLS” thing, so I like the versatility of the adj vs the &%*#@#- I do think the comic curse would have more visual appeal though… :smiley: