Derby #357: Meat

I’m digging the theme.

Anyone wants to collaborate on a meat grinding Tardis? JUST KIDDING!

I’m hoping for a tardis made out of bacon.


What about a milkshake… but instead of milk… IT’S MEAT!!!

And instead of meat, ITS A TARDIS!

no creme… what does creme mean? I’ve even tried looking it up on urban dictionaries on line.

It’s a shirt color.

My meatshake brings all the boys to the yard!

Yeah…that sounds durteh.

the original lyrics are dirty.

Ok, you definitely won the Gif battle!!! lol

I was in the middle of class when I found that and posted it… My first grade art students just stared at me as a giggled like a girl for probably 3 straight minutes… :wink:

Quick idea! Rough sketch! :smiley: Should I add at the end… “you know?” or is it funny that simple?

I claim the idea of the Dalek BBQ grill!

++ fox or rabbit cannibalism

newbie question, but this is the first derby I’ll be submitting stuff for but where do I upload? Is it just the standard submission page? when I choose to submit for derby it just takes me to the derby page?

love the category btw :slight_smile:

You can’t upload anything for the derby until tomorrow at noon, when the derby starts :slight_smile: