Derby #358: Perspective

Fun! This will be difficult.

A priori

Difficult. This will be fun!


hmm… not feeling too inspired on this one. I’m expecting fablefire to win with foxes playing hide and seek on Escher style stairs

I have several ideas. Which I can actually pull off and which ones are actually appealing to tshirt wearers is the challenge to figure out!

Is there a rule against using half-toned textures? I only ask because they are pictures, but it seems like artists sometimes make use of them.

Will I be rejected if I do one representing a different outlook (perspective) on something? This is not necessarily the art school version of perspective.

We’re looking more for the art school perspective on this one. Otherwise we’ll get a bunch of oddball characters who are “different” and that’s not really what we’re shooting for on this one.

Alrighty! Thank you.

Not sure that worked. If it did, what do you think?

It didn’t work? Go here:

After laboring for hours trying to get something artistic to work and failing, I came up with this. I think it fits the theme!

they’ll reject that, i guarantee it. remove the M from his hat and your chances are much better of not being rejected. Nicely drawn, btw.

I think it is a clear enough parody though. But probably a good call on the m, I was already debating whether to put it in.

Let’s try this again. Whadaya think?

Well, do what you will, but I’ve seen people sub with the M, get rejected, resub without it and that one sticks. Just saying this isn’t a guess, it’s based on stuff I’ve seen.

[MOD EDIT] I liked the pic, but that ‘s’ word, can’t have it here. Sorry.

No worries, I got lost in the moment!

It’s all good. Like I said, I enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

umm…I asked earlier in the thread whether or not this approach would get rejected. I was told they REALLY are looking for perspective drawings. Yikes! I don’t know.