Derby #358: Perspective

Think I replied to the wrong comment. This is maddening!!

the rejectiontor is hard to
Forsee. They almost always will reject Mario with the m on the hat. And you also have to wonder if it will get rejected for not being on topic. It might come down to their definition of perspective.

The joke in my design I think is on topic because it is references a change from 2d to 3d. This enables Mario to go around the pipes that he previously had to jump over. If the joke isn’t clear, than it probably could get labeled off-topic. Either way I enjoyed making it.

Heck, Walmazan got away with a Star Wars reference the other week when there was a rule against it.

Can’t wait to make perspective my beyatch.

I’ve been saving this for the right derby. Do you guys think this fits the theme? I’m worried about getting lost in the flood of pop culture, but I haven’t seen a ‘no pop-culture’ rule in a while. Any one remember the last time?

Dude- that is phenomenal- and you have wild perspective with the turtles getting infinitely smaller- SO, yeah, it fits the theme, and that’s without mentioning the other interpretations of perspective that could apply.

…still want a teapot floating in it but that is likely just me-

Sub it so I can buy it-

Hi Wooters… i have 2 versions of a design I’m working on. Which do you prefer? I’d love your opinion. Stomach or Heart?

I would like the second one with a splash of color like the red in the first one. But either way you go, you should consider breaking up the edges so it’s not so boxy. Just remove a bunch of puzzle pieces to give it a nice flow.

/2 cents

Thanks man, I guess I’ll give it a go. It’s a collab with Cu3ik.

I agree with Orabbit on the coloring of the second one and the edges. But I like the heart better. IMHO.

I don’t see the stomach.
The whole does need a splash of red, so I like the first… or the second if you redden it like the first.
I also wondered if you wanted to draw puzzle marks and remove some puzzle pieces from one of the children…because they are part of the puzzle, too… for a different perspective inside a perspective? Does that make sense?

My weekly skill practice… I mean submission. Just imagine a strange universe where President/ vampire hunter Lincoln did not have small wooden logs named after him. Perhaps, even imagine these so called Lincoln logs do not exist…Duh duh duh. In this distorted reality along comes a simple man, an artist, named M.C. Escher. Although this man has ben blessed with somewhat charming facial hair, he struggles throughout life, until, one day he stumbles across an idea; an idea for a children’s toy oh so perplexing… without further ado ESCHER LOGS…

I wondered about the blue and red glasses, and then realized he was doing 3D… is he looking at 3D and seeing it as 2D or am I just too tired to figure it out?
I don’t know the Mario franchise and the pipes. (Am I the only artist here who doesn’t know that?)

BOOM Mind blown :slight_smile:

This is about the idea that the world is flat and is balanced on the back of a giant tortoise… and what holds that up? Why, another tortoise, of course!
That’s a reference to mythology. (See “Turtles all the way down” in Wikipedia.) But I don’t see that as pop culture.

I’m not seeing the Escher effect in the logs. Maybe the illustration is too small? It would be larger in the finished shirt, but it needs to be more obvious on a small computer screen.

A good start, clearly Escher… I just think something could be done with the dogs… except for showing one behind the twisted thingy, the dogs don’t change in any engaging way.
Don’t suppose you could make them gradually turn inside out without being grotesque?

Haha. I’m not sure I can do that yet. But here is another attempt. I have it on black and cranberry shirts too. What do you think?!

I meant that sometimes it’s hard to rise above the waves of pop-culture, and that this design might get pushed down the rankings by Zelda/Star Wars/Heisenberg/TMNT.


It is inspired by Escher’s “Another World”…