Derby #359: Metamorphosis

Change is scary!

Oh, I was hoping Woot would metamorphisize into allowing creme shirts.

Adding some “no butterfly” and “no phoenix” rules would be very helpful in getting some actual CHANGE.

Whoa there pal, let’s not get all crazy about things. They said changes were coming, not miracles.

nice. i’m excited to see the changes! and thanks for the double derby announcement.

Intriguing developments… i’m wondering if these changes will impose new restrictions or lift old ones (color perhaps?).

In any case, I feel like if you’re not bringing stunning artwork or Dr. Who references for this derby, you better bring your triple A+ game…


Yey!!! Love me some changes. Really excited to know what they’ll be!!!

And the two themes sound cool!

I am having trouble thinking of anything other than butterflies that are not incredibly creepy. Thanks Kafka…

Wait, what is this about Americana? Is this a separate theme or should we try to incorporate the two into one?

That was a hint for next week’s theme.

Caterpillar to butterfly? - does that mean the rights to this design (previously printed under a C-contract) got renewed?

Woot could allow creme if they go back to the original supplier. :slight_smile: Anvil doesn’t offer the 980/880/990b in a similar shade so I think they’re having to order from their organic lineup instead, negating the cost advantages.

(fingers crossed) Maybe moving 100% to digital printing, which removes the 6-color restriction? (O please, o please, o please)

alternatively, a larger print area would be pretty kick-tushy too.

Not going to happen - too slow for quantity + cost per print. @rasabi’s The Time is Meow was originally made for the In Real Life derby; it sold very very well (current quantity: 1950), and was screen printed using a 4-color process instead.

Also unlikely with their current equipment setup.

Only guest editor picks!?
Every entry is fogged!?
Theme launched on Wednesday!?
What could it be?

But after the collar stretches, there’s plenty more room for extra design area.

Well, that’s the thing though, isn’t it? Something in the status quo is changing.

I definitely agree that they’re probably not gonna do something to increase their overhead… also seems like they would have bragged or used words like “exciting” if it was something artists would dig… it was just a change is coming.
A change is coming.
Winter is coming.

I’m starting to feel a little scared.