Derby #36 Cyberpub: Stay on the sunny side


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It is known for its singularity and unusual marketing, which is usually at its heaviest around Christmas. Famous marketing include the phrases "When you whack a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Good Things Happen" "tap and unwrap" (recently replaced with "whack and unwrap"), "It’s not Terry’s, It’s Mine", or "Don’t tap itc Whack it!" (showing Dawn French hitting the chocolate with a rolling pin) and unusual words such as Segsations which are individual segments of chocolate in all different flavors: milk chocolate, puffed rice, honeycomb, cornflake, and a “double seg” of layered milk and dark chocolate. Many of its television advertisements featured the actress Dawn French. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is suitable for coeliacs and those with a nut allergy; however, the product does contain milk.

(from Wikipedia article on Chocolate Oranges)


Illustrations from text only… could be interesting to see. Already got ideas… Now, it’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening to enter…


I plan on illustrating poetry.


I am going to illustrate rain. It will have a subliminal message that outwardly looks like rain droplets. It’ll be cool.


No clue what I’m doing yet- but I love the theme, mainly because it’ll make people try something they probably haven’t before :slight_smile:

While I’m here, can I pimp my XBOX live thread? No one is posting, and it makes me sad. I refuse to believe that a nerd mecca like Woot doesn’t have at least a few people who want to play video games with their internet friends.

I did get to play some Halo with Cho, tho, so it wasn’t a total disaster :slight_smile:


Sorry, man…I’m a Wii Girl. :wink:


Yeah, I’m going to try to figure out my taxes by myself this weekend.


Have a 360, but no time for live so I never paid for it. (have a wii too and soon a ps3 for the blu-ray)


I’m more of a PC guy, esp TF2. If anyone’s interested in a game, message me through steam. It shouldn’t be toooo hard to find me.


I’m not posting because I’m busy over at juvy woot.


Babe, ya gotta update your sig. I removed the images from photobucket.


I did. And before you say “but I saw…” Yes, I’m aware. I went and updated my sig because I had forgotten about that. So thhhbbbbbb. :wink:


You making a design this week? I’m going to try to get a preliminary one of the wine.woot tour shirt done this weekend but it looks like I’m going to be busy with this derby too.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I have a 2.5 picture manifesto to draw from!




Yesh. My initial design thought didn’t pan out. I think I have a pretty decent design going right now. I may post it in rough form to see if other people think it’ll get rejectorated. I’m pretty sure I’m within the bounds of the derby, but it never hurts to check


Ha! Like anyone besides Joel (and often not even him) knows what’s going to be rejectorated.


bah, mine’ll be rejected because it’s totally woot-related. Without woot, there is no pucker. I’m toast! My streak is over!!


Change the names to protect the innocent. Change the word “woot” to “toot” and “shirt” to “pants.” The pucker was born in the toot! pants derby!


I have no idea what to make. I don’t have time past today to make anything until monday either. But, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a few of these: :slight_smile: