Derby #360: Americana

Cool. AA shirts woohoo!

So that would be 1776 total votes? Like add up all the votes for all the shirts?

Excited abt this one!!

Big derby change pushed back? Wootbot, you’re such a tease.

Hoping it’s not 1776 unique voters…

Maybe it has to be. If I voted for every shirt, that’d be a pretty good chunk of 1776 right there.

I’m not sure how many unique votes there are for any given derby. I’m guessing it’s usually less than 1000. This kind of invites voter fraud.

That should read voters I believe.

The average since Feb is, oddly, 1492. No kidding.

Well, my prediction was wrong. I’m kinda bummed about the honorable mentions, but if i have to keep waiting…

Sorry the big derby change got delayed, guys. We were busting butt to get all of the ducks lined up but there ended up a few more details that had to be cinched up. It’s coming…

That’s pretty cool. :smiley: I admit I’m surprised, I didn’t think there was that level of activity. So, good to see.

Sure it’s a bummer about the delay, but I’m still pretty excited for this one! I’ve got a few ideas that I’ve been putting together all week.

i don’t have any reference for comparison, so i can’t tell if this is good or bad. what was the average in 2007? 2010?

Will you announce it if it’s ready before next derby time?

Here’s what I’ve got. Can you read the hidden message?

I guess it’s more of a word than a message.

That’s really sharp man! :slight_smile: Has a great iconic look while still being totally wearable.

EDIT- I really dig the olive but can;t help but wonder if it will be better received on another color-

Thanks! It’s the eternal struggle with me. I can’t decide. It may even work on black.

I started working on an American Pie design this week. I have some other ideas in the works, but I’d love to hear what people think of this one so far…

Surely it’s gotta be on red, white, or blue! :slight_smile: