Derby #361: The Interwebz! Honorable Mentions

Nice choices woot! my favorite would have to be helgram’s, “Karmarooned”. I’m liking the more variety already tho.

Gratz on the double nod, thatrobert! Catz on the other nods, everyone!

I love this new format. More shirts to buy XD

Really like this new idea with the Honorable Mentions being printed so soon after the derby. Although it does help that the “I Like Turtles” shirt made the cut. That shirt is awesome!!!

I would love to get “What you did” on a tank.

Any feedback regarding how well any of the shirts did? Were there enough sales that woot benefits from this?

Did the artists get beer money?

If I get some time later, I’ll see about parsing some sales numbers.

Looks like only 4 of 'em broke a hundred.

This is what I got …

A Week of Memes - 23 shirts
Cat Heart Mouse - 31 shirts
I Like Turtles - 56 shirts
Instaview - 45 shirts
Interweb - 93 shirts
Karmarooned - 10 shirts
nomnomnomnom - 55 shirts
Procrastometer V2 - 85 shirts
Protect Yourself - 35 shirts
Destroying Grammar - 62 shirts
What You Did - 58 shirts
The Truth About LOL Cats - 81 shirts

ETA: Are the sales separately counted in the main Woot side sale? I might have to run the numbers there too …

I always assumed that once the stats got to 1% on any given hour that they got to at least 100 sales. Granted math is not my bestest subject.

They round the percentages, so one that nets out to 1.49% (1 sale with 67 total or greater) or less would still show up as 1% for the hour.

In fairness, it was a weak derby (in that voting was exceptionally low). I would assume that that would lead to poor sales.

Honestly, that’s about what I’d expect for most side sales. Plus sales just don’t do all that well, especially if woot doesn’t do a ton of advertising/hype for it. And even moreso because of the nature of the HM sale; ie there’s a glut of very similarly themed shirts all in one place.

Meh, beats a free shirt coupon.

The artist still gets a free coupon so, yeah, it definitely beats it.

The sales are pretty much what I expected. I think it would be much better if they made this side-sale the shirt-of-the-day on Monday and promote to the buyers and artists that the winner of the day’s sales gets a shot into the Top 20.

The promotion plus the competition is going to make more money for everyone.