Derby #362: Neg ative space

I’m positive this will be interesting.

Really love these types of designs. Should be some good entries!

Does no crem tays mean no creme tees? Or am I unfamiliar with a cryptic t-shirt design lingo?

i see what you did there!

This is actually a good one for me. My style of comic inking is a lot like this.

For those who need some inspiration… Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy has some crazy great examples.

I hope we see something cool and not just more of the same…

“Nah crem tays”??! sweet woot, this made me laugh mid-coffee-sip. There’s coffee everywhere now… thanks!

Really good call, he’s a master of negative space.

Reworked an old one for this derby. Please let me know if it could use any edits. Night by swimmernq, on Flickr

What, you don’t want to see any negative cats? Grumpycat will be disappointed.
(Trying not to think of cats for this design…)

I’ve been working on this for my daughter. It’s called “Hidden Gymnast”… Can you see her? Will people care? Should I just let this concept go?

i see her, but i can’t help but think the space on the left is poking uncomfortably at her, uh, lower abdominal area. because i am a dirty old man.

Second ever design. Any thoughts?

don’t forget that the “comp” is supposed to show placement of the design on the shirt.

I like it alot.

Without the title or alterations, it’s just a nice picture of animal silhouettes.
Can you give the gymnast an eye and the curve of a mouth? Some kind of details that make us look again.
If viewers don’t have to stare at the wearer’s chest too long to get it, it’s clever and attractive!

Will do. I was planning on having as slightly left of center ('cus, y’know, heart).

The drop from the thorn seems a bit stereotyped. How about if the drop has already fallen or splashed on a branch.
Maybe change some branches to gray. The picture is a little dark and limited in color. With gray branches in front of black ones, you have some depth. Not sure how that would work within the confines of negative space.

I gave her a bit of a face. Does this help?