Derby #362: Negative Space Honorable Mentions

I’d be buying the Lion King-esque design but I cannot condone such a beautiful design having a 9" width on a small shirt.

Sorry, Woot. Just telling it as it is. I clicked into it with the intent to buy, but I’ve said before I won’t buy any design with a Men’s Small under 10".

Doesn’t understand why Silver Moon gets 3 design sizes while the LK design gets 2 :\ Bleh.

Great choices, including a couple I missed seeing in the derby (Major Tom, The Travelers.)

Ok, so did I miss something in reading the statements regaurding the new derby system? I thought the fogged designs made up the HMs?! I was ready to click 'en buy Fable’s “Harmless Bunny” I read the memo, did I not read it right?

No Minion Fiction?!

I was looking forward to that. It came #5 :-/

They didn’t change the selection process for HM’s - they’re still chosen by the editors from all the entries. The fog gets no special treatment for HM’s.

Thank goodness that Urban Forest made it.

I’m quickly finding that Monday morning now brings more excitement/anxiety than Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Damn, I was ready to buy the Fury of the Night shirt!

Why didn’t it make it if it was one of the final contenders?

Going to need an Urban Forest for myself, if only my wardrobe can take the strain.

Got mine! Glad they decided to print this!

Digging on Urban Forest and River Spirit. If I wasn’t saving up, I’d jump on them easily. Not sure how I feel about the other HMs though. It’s starting to feel like woot editors should start taking the Fog a bit more seriously into consideration.

I would be very sad if HM’s turned into just the fog. Or even ALL of the fog. I think it’s awesome that designs from elsewhere get the chance.

Really looking forward to seeing how it prints!

You haven’t gotten to my level yet now, have you? Because that’s when you know you’re in trouble … :slight_smile:

I hope we get a side sale with Urban Forest and Star Stuff in tanks!

Oh dude! Congrats! I just realized this is your first print! YAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAY! Happy first print!

ETA: Congrats also goes out to KellaBell with two, count 'em two! of her first prints! Yay!

Thanks! Just a handful of the hard-hustling weekly artist left to first-print since they scratched me and KellaBell off the unprinted list this week. But I’m psyched, thanks! Now to actually win one…

Thanks for printing my shirt woot! I am honored- and this is one of my favorite designs I’ve done!!

I didn’t realize how much I dug this derby till I had the option to buy so many designs from it-

I am also pretty excited to buy Star Stuff, Major Tom, Hierarchy, and River Spirit- Just need to butter up the wife!

Grats SOF & KB- Well deserved prints- I love me some Carl Sagan! Keep em coming!

Thanks a ton Woot! And big congrats to the newly printed artists!

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