Derby #363: Text Honorable Mentions

I guess someone forgot something, hahah.

Thanks for the heads up.

It should be corrected now :wink:

I love the map one,but I can no longer throw money away on momentarily white shirts =(

RGB is a color space we use to reproduce the colors we can see with our eyes. It’s a fairly large color space but there are still gaps - there are colors we cannot reproduce (this is called being out of gamut).

CMYK (or 4-color process)is the most common way of producing color for print… but it has a much smaller gamut than RGB. Therefore, additional color models have been created to fill in the print gaps (most notably Hexachrome and Pantone).

All of that to say this piece of art isn’t all that accurate… unless the photographer is taking a picture of a printed subject. A more accurate representation would be 400 - 700 nanometers of light on the lens side of the camera and RGB on the film side.

it’s art man! like that other shirt on sale with a zombie in it. no such thing as zombie. or that shirt of coffee cup with a face. how could a coffee cup even have a face!? not accurate! plus the artist already explained as so:

I want RGB-CMYK as a poster for my wall. Make it happen woot.

Love the RGB-CMYK design!!! I have way too many shirts, but I’m in for one!

But it is supposed to be clever, in-joke, i-get-why-that-is-funny-because-people-are-definately-going-to-ask-me-about-it ‘art’.

So it should be accurate.

ummmmmm, yeah, first of all, I don’t think it’s a “joke” shirt. unless I’m missing a knock-knock joke in there. and also I don’t think the website is called “

Dammit! Then I’m in the wrong place.