Derby #363: Text Honorable Mentions

Be still my beating heart. There is actually 3 designs I voted for and like, in these honorable mentions.

I’m going to wait and hope they print on a tank or hoodie, eventually.

gotta love the zombie shirt.

Wish the origami shirt had made it, but great choices overall here. Several I voted for and will likely buy (budget permitting - might not be able to get them all).

Yay - another AT-AT shirt for my collection!

Congrats on your first print imsochady!!!

Seriously?! I was under the impression imsochady had prior prints. Congrats dude, and to you too Marcee!

I’ve been checking artist catalogs to see how many firsts we’re getting - so as far as I can tell, yeah. But, then again, this IS woot, so I could be missing something.

And thanks! Still chafed that I missed a derby win by 9 votes, but c’est la vie, right?

Yeah, but on the other hand, only 15 people are getting paid for this derby and you’re one of them! It was insanely tough competition and you beat all but a few. That’s something to be proud of (my fave design that I subbed got 14 votes, FFS!)

Hey thanks! It is my first print! It’s not the usual way of printing, but being an HM is still great. Congrats to yours too!

Congrats on nabbing your first print, imsochady! :slight_smile:

Yeah, really pleased for you Chad! So long overdue.

Thanks Woot for picking my plucky caffeine tee.

RAD! Grats ace- You have such a great style-

Really solid choices this go around!

Thanks you all! :smiley:

Too many same-themed shirts, mainly the coffee/caffeine stuff. Do they really sell that much?

I only count 1. Nothing in the side sales sells that much, but i like to think the rarity of the shirt makes it all the more appealing! Buy one and you’re the only kid on the block who has one!

HOODIE! HOODIE! HOODIE! Better yet, how about a throw?

@ marcee , hope you sell lots of shirts! I mention your design at a soap makers page…

We are not supposed to put up links to products, but I put up where to find your shirt in Shirt.woot

Keep your amazing art coming, Chaddyllac! Happy to own one!

This has been one of the most solid side sales here in a long time - to the extent that for most of these, I couldn’t calculate the total sales. All numbers are estimates, still.

RGB-CMYK - Sold 95+
Political Science - Sold 77
Caffeine - Let’s Do This! - Sold 95+
Zombie Appreciation - Sold 95+
Reach Out and Crush Someone - Sold 95+
Here Be Monsters - Sold 12
Nope - Sold 95+
May be Hostile Before Morning Coffee - Sold 95+
Soap Addict - Sold 95+

Huge congrats to all the artists!