Derby #364: $10k Cup, Round 2: Style Honorable Mentions

Super disappointed…the only shirt I would have purchased out of the derby was in the fog but did not get printed. Meh…guess I should look on the bright side, it saves me at least $24.

The Night Fury didn’t make it this time either.

Oh, well, at least one dragon made it!

11? I see 10, Woot.

No one said they were preschool math majors.

Grassland Blues! Yes! I’m so happy this made the honorable mentions! I wanted this shirt so bad and I was really disappointed that it wasn’t picking up the votes it needed.

I let the guys know. Thanks!

You… Ha!


Congratulations to all the artists on their honorable mentions! Great job, guys!

Woot always counts in base 9, it’s a Seattle thing.

Really strong selection! I just emptied all the large shirts out of my closet, rockin’ the medium now. The turtle and the dragon are looking mighty fine…

How are these ‘honorable mentions’ chosen? Some that got printed have half as many votes as some that didn’t. Not sure I understand the way it works.

please offer “deadly night” as a print or a tote in the future! i love the design, and it looks great on the navy background, but i don’t need or want any more navy shirts.

Strictly editorial picks. Usually some from the fog and some non. Votes are not a reliable predictor of sales.

Thanks for the HM, woot~

…but do I not get a free shirt anymore? ;-; I’m broke.

Sad to see Lady Knight omitted. Was my favorite entry this week.

…yay Starcrack out the nose… You dear wooter just made my day with that comment XD

Congrats to all the HMs! Bowed to the Wind looks pretty epic; glad to see it made it! I wouldn’t wear any of the other designs though >.<

Just went grocery shopping last night, so will be throwing BttW onto my Wish List, for sure!

You do! I got mine on the Thursday of the week my shirt went up, and it was worth the weird amount of $17. But just sit tight, you’ll get it.

Oh, I get it now. Thanks for the explanation.

Shirt price + Overnight.

Would love the peacock shirt as a poster!