Derby #364: $10k Cup, Round 2: Style

Do the rules to the previous derbies apply to the same categories this time? (Such as no pop-culture for watercolor, no video games for Van Gogh, etc.)

I’m finding it confusing which rules apply to which style. No text, no video games, etc. Can we have a blanket set of rules for all styles?

I had this rough idea for the Van Gogh rules - I’m slightly overexcited about Guardians of the Galaxy - buuuuut I wonder if going ahead with it would hit the “we can’t run this rule”.

Yes they do, the original blog post emphasized the different rules still stand.

I had this idea before the colors were specified for the watercolors. I wish I could do it in navy… That’s by far my favorite. If anyone has any suggestions on improving the design, let me know! Thanks!

Man, its hard to tell. I think if they look generic enough, you’ll be ok.

Any chance of getting some feedback on this piece? It’s Cthulhu inspired, Van Gogh style. Does it work?

Well they would look somewhat abstract because of the expressionism but definitely recognisable. If I’m not sure I should go with something else I guess. :slight_smile:

Maybe if you don’t outline the edges? Instead, the brushstrokes define their faces.

Or just say, “F” it, and do it anyway :slight_smile: HAVE FUN, that is what this is about.

Ugh. Spent a bunch of time working on a watercolor design and then realized that, yeah, ain’t no way it’s going to work out the way I wanted. At least I realized that last night, instead of tonight with no more time to work on it. Whew.

Onto plan B, I suppose…

Post the WIP :slight_smile:

I had a similar idea. Still very much a WIP:

I’d break some of the lines around Cthulhu–it looks like the edge is a solid line. And maybe a little less round head…looks kind of balloonish. Like the colors!

I found these watercolor brushes the other day. I haven’t played with them yet, but they look pretty badass.
On a side note, why are there two fish and a level 1 shield next to my picture now? Did I miss something?

Sadly I can’t post it right now. File’s at home and I am at work :frowning:

But I did just have a major moment of clarity in regards to how I could salvage the design! Now I just need to decide if I finish that design or work on the new idea I’ve had in the interim.

Those brushes are great! I made this with them.

Whoo cross-hatching! Now I just need to figure out which color scheme to go with.


I’m a little concerned that some of the lines might be too small. Woot seems to be able to print a good amount of detail, and I tried to keep it at least 5 pixels, but I’m still worried.

Whatcha think?! Excited about this one but welcome any advice or critiques!