Derby #365: $10K, Round 3: Pop Culture Mash-Ups

It’s the WootFury derby! Let the disappointments begin!

(j/k, and I admit to having a fair share of pop-culture shirts too. Here’s hoping for some real creative mashups.)

Like cats and Doctor Who?

Prior art exists

I’m guessing the answer to this question is no - but with the new derby rules I find myself unsure enough to ask. If I have a design that has been up on a site like RedBubble, could I submit it to a derby if it no one has ever bought one and I take it down before the derby begins? I feel like that would have been a clear no-no in the past, but thought I’d clarify for the present. Thanks!

Cats aren’t popculture…

Here’s a sneak peek at mine. You’re a Good Turtle, Leonardo.
I may remove the blobby background shape…

Very nice. Definitely lose the blob.

We would prefer not to have it submitted to the derby if it has been for sale elsewhere. From our point of view it’s still tricky if it was for sale but hasn’t sold anything because we have no way to confirm. I’m sure things like this have gotten through in the past as we’re not omnipresent, but your best bet is to try to avoid it as you could risk rejection if we aren’t comfortable running it.

What about a Garfield - Dr. Who mash-up?

Here’s my mashup:

Ok, thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Oooo boy. This derby has proven to come up with some of the best and worst shirts in the past. Here’s to hoping it’s a good one.

Hmm, flirting with chance here - reckon either of these will get through?

Man, you guys are so, like… done with your pieces. I’m still at the pencil stage. I guess I shoulda started before last night.

Done! Thanks!

Yeah, I didn’t work on anything this week when I had the time… oops. Here’s a VERY MESSY AUGH sketch for my first idea, ‘Sailor That’s No Moon’. In the name of the Dark Side, she will punish you.

“The Princess”
Miyazaki meets Miyamoto.



Thanks! I just updated the file (if you look above). I resized it on the wrong settings, it looks better now.