Derby #366: 10K Round IV: Speciality Ink

Super excited to see what comes of this. Good luck to everyone!

Thinking about subbing this, but wasn’t sure if the Tengwar script was an issue or not. Also, only one color ink for metallic designs, correct?

One color is correct- and they have canned numerous designs in the past for using Tengwar- You have to fake it, sadly… Your design looks cool though!

That sucks it has to be faked >.< Always loved the look of it.

This design will still be pretty awesome. Just don’t know how happy the more hardcore LotR fans will be to have fake Tengwar on their shirts.

Here’s an example of faked tengwar- Wirdou’s rad tee I own!

It can still look cool, but yeah, it’s sad it can’t be exact.

I remember that one! Did pretty well too XD Glad to see fake Tengwar can still rock it, even when the ring is a focal point.

Hey- so the general opinion is split down the middle so far-

Should this be GOLD or SILVER-

Gold on black is the HOUSE GREYJOY colors and looks super cool (and more similar to the Price is Right logo)…

HOWEVER- it says IRON, which is silver (or black) in color, and seems perhaps more Game of Thronesy…


Ugh, both look epic for completely different reasons >.< And that design is very well done. Umm… Gold would be more true to form and more props to the origins on both accounts… but silver looks so epic and gives nods to the iron… um… go with… ~head 'splodes~

What if the text was somewhat distressed and parts of it were not visible? Also, possibly using my own English version of the One Ring inscription with Tengwar-esque font? I know I’m splitting hairs, but the joke’s kinda lost without it :confused:

SEE!?!?!?! :wink:

Absolutely! It’s almost a shame you can’t do a gold fading into silver v.v

Dagnabbit Oakenspirit, choices like this are supposed to be obvious! ~flails~

I don’t know if that’ll be enough. The Rejectionator can be very hardcore when it comes to copyright laws >.<

I’d say use silver if you could add some red to it to designate the iron price, but since it’s only one color, I’d go gold.

FWIW I don’t think I would have gotten the Price is Right reference if I only saw it in silver. It’s awesome!

That’s a good point, actually. The gold makes it clear exactly what’s being referenced, and many-a GoT fans will rejoice that it’s true to Greyjoy colors. As cool as the silver looks, gold will probably get more squees.

Edit: Admittedly, there is a bit of awkwardness when looking at the gold and reading iron. Less-so with the silver. It looks like there’s going to be a bit of give and take no matter which you go with. Either way though, will definitely get my vote.

Thanks a ton guys- I’ll meditate for the next while and see what sticks but I am beginning to side with gold… NO SILVER… err… gold…

Can we get official word on if we can use additional colors with the specialty ink? I’m a bit thrown off by the word “guidelines” here, when the styles derby said “rules”.

It looks pretty straight-forward when you follow the links. The metallic is JUST the silver or gold, and no other color. The glow MUST be over white. More rules found in each of the links provided in the first post.

Don’t take my word as Word of God though, please >.<

I am going to make a shirt (glow in the dark) with the vashta nerada from Dr who! (Hey who turned out the lights)